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Purchasing System

The 3p Purchasing System is for businesses who want to maximize profits by saving time & money through better management of their purchasing.

Our Purchasing Systems can be used for:

  • Business

    Designed for almost any small-to medium-sized business that wants to better optimize their purchasing power & ability to increase profitability. From an owner/operator business to a multi-million dollar corporation, contact us to see what our system can do for your business.

Business System

Save money & time by using our system to:

  1. Click once, and know the best price you ever paid for an item, and who sold it to you
  2. Click on a button to transform your completed purchase order into an email attachment for your supplier
  3. Knowledgeably shift your buying dollars to:
    • Take advantage of volume price points your supplier may offer
    • Maximize supplier discounts
    • Take better advantage of manufacturer rebates
  4. Keep track of your price quotes and purchase orders
  5. Help you recognize trends in both pricing and supply of items you purchase
  6. Better project inventory usage, to avoid product shortages and paying for rush orders
  7. Cut down on time spent ordering materials, and overall numbers of orders to place and process

Our products can help you simplify cost tracking and invoice management