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Price - Get the best.
Pay - Invoices with ease.
Profit - The most you can.


How our Purchasing Systems can help you:

If the information you need is hard to find in your system or takes too much time to look up, money is being lost.

Our purchasing system will help you save both time & money by helping you purchase with an easy-to-understand & quick-to-use system.

While ordering materials/items you will be able to, with a click, retrieve & profit from the knowledge you’ve previously entered through quotes or past purchase orders.

Benefit from having at your fingertips:

  • Best price you have ever gotten on the item,
  • How often you purchase the item,
  • How many you buy,
  • Which of your suppliers carries that item,
  • If there were any specials ever run on it,
  • If there is minimum order,
  • If there is quantity discount,
  • Which suppliers offer free delivery,
  • Which salesperson took your order,
  • Who in your company placed your order

You need to be able to tap into that knowledge quickly & easily whenever you need it to continue taking advantage of it.

When you look closely at the amount of money spent purchasing your goods, you will find money can be shaved & saved as it passes through your hands. The best place for it to end up at the end of the day is in your own company's pocket.

3P Purchasing Systems can save you both time and money by tracking and calculating prices for you