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About Us

Company Description

Welcome to 3P Purchasing Systems. We produce purchasing systems for businesses who want to maximize profits by saving time and money through purchasing their materials/items either for resale and/or internal use.

Company Philosophy & Mission Statement

Our company was founded on the premise that every business should be profitable. This profitability should not come at the cost of the integrity of the owners & employees, but rather integrity must be an integral part of the business. Even a not-for-profit business should be striving to maximize the bottom line gain so as to further their ideals.

While it is true that many businesses can be, and in fact are, successful without skillful purchasing methods, the question remains, how much money was left on the table in the course of business?

Unrealized potential profit can be the difference between bigger paychecks & employee benefits in good times, & the very survival of the business itself in bad times.

The line between a successful, profitable business & one that is 'just turning money' can be a very fine one indeed.

Company History

We operated a ($7-9 million) successful, profitable business for over 23 years in the tough world of residential construction subcontracting.

We have taken our very successful purchasing system, improved upon it, and are now making it available to the business community. By drawing from our own experiences we are offering business owners a product that will help them to survive today & thrive tomorrow.

We are proud to be a U.S. based & owned company.

We started off in the construction industry, where cost tracking was vital to operations