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Welcome to 3P Purchasing Systems

We produce purchasing systems for businesses who want to maximize profits by saving time and money through better management of their purchasing. These money and time saving benefits can be applied to businesses who purchase materials/items for resale and/or internal use.

Step 1:

Sign in to our easy-to-use application

Enter your product information and let 3P keep track of the numbers

Step 2:

Quickly and easily retrieve your information

Get the best price because of your knowledge

Step 3:

  • Use our system to help you become a better buyer now

  • Optimize your spending

  • Save Money

  • Improve your company's future

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Make P O’s work for you

Track invoices

Pay invoices with ease

Learn and use right away - No technical skills required

The 3 P Purchasing System is easy to Use, and helps you to improve your bottom line

How much money does your company spend on purchases in a week?

If you could save even a small fraction of those $$$’s, how long would you want to wait before you could begin saving those extra dollars?

The sooner you download our free demo to see if the advantages of the 3P Purchasing System are right for YOUR business, the sooner you could begin saving time and $$$$.

Our Purchasing System will help you get the answer to these pesky questions:

  • What was the best price we ever got on an item?

  • Where did we buy it?
  • When did we buy it?
  • How many did we buy?
  • How often did we buy them?
  • Which invoices do we still have open?

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